At Digital Dream, we assist you in capturing your vision with our expertise. We know your wedding day is one of the most important days of your lives. Not only is it the beginning of a new journey guided by love, but it’s one that you’ve thought of and dreamed about for a long time.

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Chloe's Communion Photo

We had a great time capturing these beautiful moments between Chloe & her family.

She is such a sweet girl who brings so much joy to everyone around her.

Wishing Chloe all the blessings life can offer!

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Owen Baptism

We  had a great time capturing such special moments from Owen’s baptism.

He is such an adorable little man who brings joy to everyone around him.

Wishing all the best to this cutie and his beautiful family! 

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Owen Fernandes

We  had so much fun shooting with Owen at two and a half months. His little smile is just too cute! It is
always a sweet idea to photograph the little ones to capture those memories, they’ll be all grown up
before you know it. We wish all the best to this little cutie!

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Brooke's 2 Year Photos

Shooting with kids is always a blast. We had a great time shooting Brooke in honour of her turning 2 years old! This little one has so much personality and she had so much fun with the camera. We were able to catch her in her element at the park, and there is an overload of cuteness! We love that she’ll be able to look back at these photos one day and reminisce on her childhood. She is a little model in the making!

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